UNISTRASI - Università per Stranieri di Siena - Ateneo Internazionale
Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation

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L12- Mediation (3years)

Objectives of the course

This undergraduate degree course aims to train professionals with:

  • proficient competence, both written and oral, in at least two languages other than Italian (one of which is a language from the European Union)
  • specific knowledge of the methods of linguistic analysis
  • basic preparation in economics and law; geography and sociology-anthropology; history, art history and literary history
  • competence in information technology skills and tools
  • knowledge of issues in the job sectors which regard the needs of the local area and its development
  • the ability to work autonomously for successful integration into the professional world

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to carry out professional activities in the area of: international relations, at an interpersonal and business professional level; linguistic and intercultural mediation in business and in institutions and in publishing and journalism; business translation, particularly in the field of tourism; research at both national and international levels.