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Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

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LM39 - Linguistics (2 years)

Objectives of the course

The course aims to provide students with advanced training in scientific contents and methods in the area of language studies and a deep knowledge of modern languages, as well as the ability to use the knowledge acquired for business purposes.

The course allows students to broaden and deepen the knowledge acquired in the first cycle of studies with specific reference to language and language teaching theories, models of description of language systems (with particular attention to the historic and socio-cultural dimensions), the dynamics of inter-lingual and intercultural contact.

Career opportunities

The course aims to create an intellectual and professional figure able to operate in a European and international context, in any field where advanced language skills are in demand, both theoretical and applied, and in particular in the field of language education, in multilingual and multimedia publishing, in international cooperation, in the management of inter-lingual and intercultural contact, in the areas of communication and information, as well as in scientific research at university level.