UNISTRASI - Università per Stranieri di Siena - Ateneo Internazionale
CLASS Centre - Foreign Language Research and Service Centre


The CLASS Centre has a dual focus: organizing and providing courses in the 8 foreign languages taught at the University, and promoting related study and research activities.

The language courses currently offered are:


  • The language courses are valid towards completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Credits may also be rewarded for course completion through existing accreditation systems, such as ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for European institutions. In addition, students may attend and sit exams for single language courses, in accordance with University rules, as well as enrol in preparatory courses for the linguistic certification exams for which the University acts as an examination centre.
  • The CLASS Centre organizes international conventions, study days, book presentations and workshops related to the languages taught in the centre. The principal lines of research followed include linguistic analysis of the interaction between various types of languages and Italian, and audiovisual translation (dubbing and subtitling) of short and full-length film products and the possible application of the same to the teaching of modern foreign languages. The journal InterLinguistica (“Contrastive studies of language and culture”) aims to collect the results of this research and to publish teaching materials developed by professors and language instructors at the Centre.
  • The CLASS Centre promotes both group and individual learning of languages both through the use of multimedia language laboratories and the scheduling of multilingual activities such as film and short film series in the original language, subtitled in Italian or English.

Why study foreign languages at the CLASS Centre?

  • You’ll meet students from all over the world
  • You’ll learn the languages which are in the greatest demand worldwide
  • You can prepare for the main language certification exams
  • You can train to be a translator of both written texts and audiovisual material, utilizing advanced technology

For more information on the CLASS Centre (courses and scheduled activities)
or contact us: class@unistrasi.it